Freight-Ex Logistics Pvt Ltd provides you the perfect Launchpad to kick start your career. For experienced hires, we offer the freedom, opportunities and ecosystem to grow and move higher up in their respective career.

We believe people are our greatest asset, driving the company’s spirit of innovation.Attracting and retaining high quality personnel, we at Freight-Ex Logistics are committed to investing in and nurturing individual careers.

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Working at Freight-Ex Logistics

A place for people to be their best and give their best!

At Freight-Ex Logistics, we truly believe in our people – as skilled employees, supportive team members and uniquely talented individuals.

While dedicated to innovative logistics solutions that serve our customers’ needs, the success of our company is only made possible by creating a fulfilling work environment for our people. And doing so begins with respect and dignity for each and every employee, from the boardroom to the front lines.

We respect our people for their spirited willingness to learn, their sharing of bold ideas and their genuine passion for success. We help them to grow, develop their talents and make the most of themselves both at work and in their personal lives.

At Freight-Ex Logistics, we continuously strive for excellence as Asia’s premier logistics provider.

Our People

Respect as a fundamental value.

At Freight-Ex Logistics, our people come from all over Asia, and beyond, bringing a broad range of diversity to the company.

What we share in common is a commitment to excellence in both our work as individuals and contributors to the team.

As a group, Freight-Ex Logistics people are self-starters who possess an energetic can-do attitude. We strive to be proactive in meeting client needs, providing innovative, cost-effective solutions that help them fully achieve their business success.

From frontline handlers to the top seat in the boardroom, we employ team approach, where respect for one another is a fundamental value. The result is a workplace environment that takes pride in being highly productive and creating genuine customer satisfaction.

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